Paint Party Kick-off!

“If you wanna be a homebody, we’re gonna have a house party!” We’re on the same wavelength as Sam Hunt; sometimes you don’t want to leave the house to have a  good time. With Redroot Factory, you don’t have to! We are kicking off our paint party season with a bang. This weekend we spent a few hours with some lively ladies celebrating a fast approaching wedding. We loved being part of the bachelorette festivities for bride-to-be, Heather.

These lovely ladies did an excellent job!

This group of gals chose to paint signs with their last names, quite appropriate to set the mood for the soon to be ringing wedding bells! Everyone dove into the craft enthusiasm, and all of their signs turned out fantastic. Each guest chose their own colors after painting on their name in white using a stencil we provide. After leading the women through the process of painting on their last name, we gave them instructions on different types of flowers. It was so fun to see each guest put their own spin on the sign. Some went for bold and vibrant statement pieces, while others kept their decor understated and neutral. Every sign was unique and a great reflection of each artist!

Another aspect of our paint parties is the trivia and raffle! Everybody likes a little healthy competition. For this particular event, all of the questions pertained to the bride and the wedding plans. Heather’s friends know and love her well! We even broached touchy subjects like Pepsi vs. Coke, and no friendships were lost! The raffle tickets were flying, but in the end Heather’s sister in law won the “Hello Love” sign that Chambley painted as a demo during the party. Everyone left with a smile on their face and a sign, or two, in their hand!

So, just as Sam says, “You ain’t gotta leave the house to have a good time, I’mma bring the good time home to you”; you’ll just have to bring your own neon t-shirt!



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